Evelyn O’Donnell

Residing in Howell from early childhood Councilwoman Evelyn Malsbury ODonnell has raised her two sons in Howell as well. Evelyn and her husband Tom continue to love the rural setting of their Howell home after 25 years. The eldest son, a 15-year veteran served 9 tours in active war while the younger son focused on law enforcement in Georgia. Service to her community has continued from the School Board, Planning Board, Zoning Board of Adjustment to individual committees and various boards in Howell. She continues to promote the preservation of farms, open space, and preservation of historical buildings. Councilwoman ODonnell has also served as Deputy Mayor for two years. She strives to utilize her past commitment and knowledge to further ensure the lowest tax rate possible. . In her second four-year term she is steadfast in maintaining the best climate in Howell, ensuring a financial climate that will result in Howell residents remaining in Howell for a lifetime.